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Dommoso - Authentic homes. Enjoy the quality of life.

A rich local cuisine, delicious wines
And aromas add an unforgettable flavour to every moment.
Here the genuine and delicious flavours are an invitation to savor time itself. Friendships
Grow whilst sitting round the table.
A dinner by the fireplace or on the terrace under a star-lit sky is a unique and precious moment in life. The wide choice between quality locally produced meat, fresh fish or truly organic fruit and vegetables is really just a matter of taste. The dessert typical of this area is made with orange peel, honey and almonds and shows that simplicity
and authenticity can reach
perfection. The simple and genuine life led in these places and the food that celebrates it were the inspiration for the Dommoso: the recipe for the elixir of long life
is a simple one.

The Environment
The Village
Outdoor Life