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Dommoso - Authentic homes. Enjoy the quality of life.

Tradition offers contemporary life the generous legacy of the past reminding us that harmony with nature has become essential.
This is why we have built the Dommoso using traditional materials, combined with craftsmanship and modern techniques which make for new, improved buildings.
The pleasure of living in a house which really suits you, the comforting and regenerating silence and the freedom of a simple life make living in the Dommoso a unique experience.

Opening a window onto breathtaking scenarios enriched by the sounds of nature carries us away from all anxieties of urban life. So we discover that comfort means not needing to ask anything more from our home: wide spaces especially designed for every need, useful and discreet fittings, materials which are pleasing
to the touch and to the eye. Technology and homeliness, comfort and sustainability: in the Dommoso these values ​​are intertwined.